The Australia Indonesia Association ACT Inc (AIA (ACT)) is incorporated under the 1991 Associations Incorporation Act of the A.C.T.  AIA (ACT) interacts cooperatively with sister AIAs in other states of Australia.

The aim of AIA (ACT) is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and the people of Indonesia.  

AIA was founded in Sydney in 1945 before Indonesia achieved Independence.  AIA (ACT) was established in 1965 by people involved in Indonesian studies at ANU, as a non-political, not-for-profit, volunteer organization, and continues to operate as such.

Activities of AIA (ACT) include talks on Indonesian topics by visitors and local experts, dinners, games evenings, social outings, and, with assistance from the Indonesian Embassy, a Gamelan Group and Indonesian language classes.  Most of the funds raised by AIA are applied to Projects to assist education in Indonesia and AIA sponsors an annual award to the top Australian National University third year student in Indonesian studies.  AIA (ACT) is managed by a volunteer Committee that is elected annually by the members.   The Committee is always on the look-out for activities to promote and facilitate interaction between the people of Australia and the people of Indonesia and welcomes suggestions and new ideas.