SUPPORT TO DISADVANTAGED IN INDONESIA’S EDUCATION:  AIA has continued providing assistance to help the disadvantaged in Indonesia and assist with their education throughout the year.  The main efforts up to March 2016 have been:

SMP2 PLAYEN – For the last 15 years AIA has provided funding to support the education of 20 disadvantaged students at SMP Playen in Kecamatan Playen in Kabupaten Gunung Kidul in Provinsi Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.   The school has recently reported that again this year the funds have provided very beneficial assistance directly to the very needy and appreciative students and the school continues accounting and managing the funds excellently.

SMA Scholarship – AIA funded the cost of three years SMA schooling, which is 15-18 year olds preparing to go to University, for Erwinda Tia Mayasari from SMP Playen whose father is very poor and works in the rice fields.  Edwinda has just completed her three years and has scored very highly with average points of 76.4 out of 80 in the Business and Technology stream so she can now qualify for Government funded attendance at University.

SMP2 CANGKRINGAN – AIA has given assistance to disadvantaged students from families who lost everything in the Mount Merapi eruptions.  AIA is in the process of sending over another $1,500AUD to help with the fees of 50 students whose homes were destroyed in the eruptions. 

NTA Training of Teachers Program – In 2015 and again 2016 AIA provided $3,000AUD each year to the Nusa Tengarra Association (NTA) to support training of local teachers in two groups.  NTA recently included in a report:

  • NTA East Indonesia Aid sincerely thanks the AIA for its very generous donation in 2015 of $3000. These funds were used to run training courses for teachers in West Timor.
  • The poor rural schools in this area struggle to attract fully qualified teachers and rely to a large extent on guru honor (teachers with a basic school education usually sourced from local communities). The training program is particularly aimed at providing some basic exposure for these teachers to teaching techniques and the school curriculum. Eighty teachers participated in the two training programs. 

SUPPORT TO INDONESIAN LANGUAGE TRAINING AT ANU:  AIA has continued the long standing practice of providing an annual Award for best Indonesian language student at ANU, which is $500 pa.